Zulu Adigwe, a veteran actor, is mourned by Nollywood

Apr 26, 2024 | Entertainment

The Nigerian film industry faces another sombre moment as veteran actor Zulu Adigwu has passed away.

Adigwu’s demise occurred on Tuesday evening and was announced on Facebook by renowned film producer and musician Mike Nliam. Nliam reminisced about Adigwu’s illustrious career, citing his memorable roles, including Mr. B in Ken Saro Wiwa’s acclaimed TV series “Bassey & Company” from the 1980s. Their acquaintance deepened in 2003 during the production of the movie “Blood Diamonds” shot in Sierra Leone post-civil war, where Adigwu showcased his acting prowess alongside other Nollywood and Sierra Leonean stars.

Nliam fondly remembered Adigwu’s contributions to numerous Nollywood productions, his rich baritone voice, and his passion for music, evidenced by their collaboration on the song “Ugo Buluum.” Although they hadn’t crossed paths in recent years, Nliam cherished the memories of working with Adigwu, describing him as a simple, pleasant, and humble individual.

Fellow film producer Stanley Nwoko confirmed the sad news on Instagram and expressed his condolences, highlighting Adigwu’s significant contributions to the industry.

Adigwu, who completed his secondary education in Germany and attained first-class honours in Theatre Arts from the University of Ibadan, left an indelible mark with roles in iconic films like “Living in Bondage” and “Breaking Free.”

His passing follows the tragic loss of five industry members in a recent boat mishap in Anambra State, further adding to the industry’s collective grief.

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