Zinoleesky promises that his upcoming album would protect Nigerians from terrible music, saying, “My album is coming to save you all.”

Apr 26, 2024 | Entertainment

Nigerian singer Zinoleesky is on a mission to rescue his fellow Nigerians’ ears from what he terms “bad music” with his upcoming album, Element.

The announcement was made during an Instagram Live session, during which Zinoleesky revealed that “Element” would be released on Friday, April 26th.

In addition to sharing details about his album release, Zinoleesky had a message for his peers in the music industry who may harbour envy towards his success. He showcased a glimpse of the interior of his renowned Ferrari on Instagram, asserting that his forthcoming record will liberate listeners from what he perceives as subpar music.

In his own words, Zinoleesky declared, “My album coming to save y’all from all this shitty music.”

Interestingly, the news comes on the heels of a diss track released by Portable targeting Zinoleesky, ridiculing him for owning a Ferrari despite not having a notable hit song to his credit.

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