“You’re not allowed to stand next to me and speak negatively about Davido,” Sabinus compliments. Davido

Apr 26, 2024 | Entertainment

Renowned Nigerian comedian Oga Sabinus recently expressed his deep admiration for the popular Nigerian artist Davido.

Despite the numerous controversies surrounding the beloved singer, Oga Sabinus has chosen to commend him for his unabashed display of affection towards both acquaintances and strangers alike.

Sabinus holds Davido in high esteem, even displaying a portrait of the musician prominently in his living room as a testament to his admiration.

He credits Davido with significantly elevating his career and bringing him into the spotlight by sharing one of his skits on social media. Following this gesture of support, Davido generously offered financial assistance totalling millions of Naira to help launch Oga Sabinus’s comedy endeavours.

In his own words, Oga Sabinus passionately states, “You can’t stand beside me and say something negative about Davido. I won’t let you. Even my woman knows. We have a portrait of Davido in our living room. After over a decade of being an underground comedian, Davido was the first big artiste who showed me love. He shared a video of him watching my skits on his Instagram handle. I messaged him to express gratitude and he sent 2M Naira to get good equipment and start shooting high-quality skits. God Bless him forever.”

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