Without judicial independence, Nigeria’s independence is incomplete. Diverge Chinedu Former NBA Ikeja Branch Secretary Ifezue Esq. Tasks Attorneys on Independence Day

Oct 2, 2023 | Politics | 0 comments

Dear Colleagues,

Happy Independence Day to Nigeria, 63 years after political independence from colonial masters.

Our beloved country has survived military rule and civil war for 63 years but has not fully recovered. We’ve focused on our similarities rather than our differences.

Despite economic and political uncertainty and rising costs, we have remained determined to survive and build a better Nigeria.

Nigerians will only celebrate the judiciary’s independence at this point. This government branch is often called the last hope of the people. It represents the last hope for most Nigerians, especially the middle and lower classes. If people abandon their judiciary, any nation will fail. Nigeria is near disaster.

We lawyers must ensure the judiciary’s independence. The Executives, whether at the state or federal level, prefer the current order in which the Judiciary is completely subjugated and made an appendage of the Executive, the heads of the judicial arms are given periodic handouts as funding for the running of the courts, the governors decide on and approve who becomes a judge, and some government agencies teleguide and influence the outcome of judgement.

As we celebrate Nigeria’s independence, we must ask questions and take action to ensure Judiciary independence. Nigeria and Nigerians will only have political freedom once this happens.

It is now appropriate to ask ourselves honest questions and be bold enough to answer them. If the answers are negative, we must correct the mistakes. We can discard this fragile democracy if the Judiciary is emasculated.

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