Wike ought to give thanks to God for enabling him to appoint Fubara as his successor. -Caleb

Apr 18, 2024 | Politics | 0 comments

Fubara Caleb, a political affairs analyst and former aide to ex-Governor Peter Odili has offered his perspective on the ongoing political discord between Governor Siminalayi Fubara and his predecessor, former Governor Nyesom Wike, who currently serves as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory.

In a recently shared video on YouTube by TVC, Caleb remarked that Wike played a significant role in Fubara’s ascent to the governorship of Rivers State. However, he suggested that Wike should be thankful that Fubara succeeded him. Caleb noted that none of the other contenders for the governorship would likely withstand the challenges that Fubara has faced during the past five months of the feud with Wike.

According to Caleb, “Wike should express gratitude for having Fubara as his successor. He should realise how fortunate he is because those who are now clamoring and causing a commotion would not endure even a fraction of what Fubara has experienced in the last five months.”

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