Why Parliament needs to enact legislation governing organ donation right away

Oct 10, 2023 | Health | 0 comments

Transplantation and organ donation can save lives and improve many people’s lives.

The importance of their role in medical interventions has prompted Ghanaian efforts to raise awareness and pass legislation.

Ghana needs comprehensive organ harvesting, donation, and transplantation laws.

This deficiency worries experienced doctors and causes preventable deaths in major hospitals.

The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital performed two kidney transplants with an entirely Ghanaian medical team earlier this year, a major achievement.

Despite this progress, kidney transplant recipients can only receive organs from close family members due to laws prohibiting doctors from accepting organs from unrelated third parties.

Legislation in this area would greatly increase the donor pool, potentially saving many lives. Individuals could express their willingness to donate organs after death, allowing their organs to save others.

Implementing comprehensive organ donation and transplantation legislation in Ghana is essential to improving healthcare, reducing preventable deaths, and promoting altruism and life-saving contributions.

Senior medical staff at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital are drafting Ghana’s organ harvesting and donation legislation.

Several health ministries reviewed and refined this document before legal drafting.

Professor Matthew Kyei, a urologist at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, stressed the importance of translating the draught document into legal language to meet standards.

After completion, parliament will consider the draught legislation and possibly pass it.

Professor Kyei emphasises that passing this legal framework as a Bill would create a structured and regulated framework for organ harvesting and use, improving organ transplantation and addressing a critical healthcare need in the country.

If passed, the Organ Donation Bill would promote ethical and regulated organ donation, expand the donor pool, prevent exploitation, and ensure equitable access to donated organs for those in need.

This would improve Ghanaian healthcare and save lives.

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