Why I Oppose Pastors Who Discuss Politics

Jul 26, 2023 | Politics | 0 comments

Bishop (Dr.) Thomas Samson will consistently be recognized. He’s still popular 20 years later. Long-lived and well-respected, this man of God is consistent. He’s still enthusiastic about God’s word. Bishop (Dr.) Tom Samson, a clever and charismatic man of God, was a national celebrity before many of today’s so-called ministers of God. Bishop (Dr.) Before social media, Tom Samson’s Lagos-based posters were everywhere over 20 years ago. His church was also popular. Young, upwardly mobile Lagosians visited this church. People from around the nation and beyond attended his powerful church crusades. He leads the Christ Royal Family International Church as its Bishop and General Overseer. His yearly spectacular presentation, “IT IS WAR!” jolted Lagos and its surroundings. It Is War returns August 6–12.

Last week, City People Senior Editor Wale Lawal (08037209290) spoke with this very intelligent man of God for close to an hour about pastors’ involvement in politics to the point that they pitch tents with a political party against the other and make inflammatory political statements on the pulpit and social media. He said these.

Sir, why are you one of the few Nigerian pastors who avoid expressing political views on social media or in the pulpit?

Know why? I’ve found that many do this to enhance their egos rather than because God sent them. Hear them. Your work should speak for you. Work will speak for you. I don’t know God’s purpose for Nigeria. Drama continues. Everyone should monitor their prophecies. Baba Adeboye stated that God has not taught him anything yet. Nigeria’s case is disguised; ignore the commotion. The Bible says we own what’s disclosed, and God owns what’s not. God’s drama is Nigeria. Can I tell you? During the Abacha-Abiola crisis, everyone feared Nigeria would collapse. The nation feared. The future was unknown. What happened? Two actors were silenced. A new Nigeria emerged. Nigeria needs to be clarified. Even today, anyone can speak. True prophets say this. You can’t make God speak. Ifa did not talk, even in Yoruba tradition. Elisha responded, “Maybe this lady has a problem, but God has not informed me,” when the woman arrived. Not humble. Prophets do not always see. If you don’t see or hear anything, they’ll declare this one doesn’t sabi. No. God will accomplish something special in Nigeria’s circumstances.

Therefore, you must feel quite uncomfortable when men of God walk on the pulpit and begin to take sides, pitching tents with one political party against the other and encouraging their people to support their favorite political candidate. Many believe this has shamed Christianity.

Yes, absolutely. They shamed Christianity. I seldom criticize others. Many of these guys are respected, so you wonder what drove them to do these things. Even the esteemed. We need spirit control. But how do they hear? I informed my flock a year ago that the Nigeria situation could be clearer. God has ignored this nation. Everyone should act. Saints’ prayers for our nation have worked. Nobody should believe our prayers failed. God answers prayers, although not always on time. Watch this system engulf every opponent of this nation. Something will engulf those who wrecked this nation.

The saints’ scream will turn their lives around and bring judgment. So many impoverished people suffer. The church knows the cry of the impoverished. We help members with daily housing rent, healthcare expenses, and food insecurity. Say what? Few know their senator. When you see a throng at church, you think they’re earning money, yet others seek aid. Several lost their jobs. The employed cannot pay rent. They yell church money as we drive a huge automobile. People may purchase large cars. Does a hungry person buy a huge car? Several errors. Many went to church for assistance despite their constant attacks. How many politicians opened their doors to visitors while heavily armed officers guided the house?

How many go to aid people experiencing poverty? The streets were ours. Ask anyone—we were hauling rice over Anifowose. Egbeda, too. I walked with my squad. Nigerians want to be heard. I will trend if I declare that Tinubu will die in a month. If I announce now that this tribunal won’t function, it will disperse; even if God didn’t tell me anything, it will trend before you realize it’s a falsehood. But why? Why participate in such nonsense? It proves that many say they were called but weren’t. Simple. Integrity doesn’t lie. Why cheap PR?

Sir, as a man of God, what would you tell those battling, particularly on social media? Igbos are fighting back against Yorubas. Sir, you spent most of your adult life in Lagos, a Yoruba region. What counsel can you provide these people?

Politicians should prevent these individuals from tearing us apart. Several Ibos work here. Several Igbos were born here. Several Yorubas were born in the East. They’re permanent. Hausas are natives. I want to inform anyone that they can’t alter it. They’ll fail. Politicians shouldn’t manipulate them. Politicians exploit. They may use you to criticize Tinubu by saying he only placed Yoruba people there because they wanted positions. They’ll start a tribe. Like religion. As a Yoruba guy, has Tinubu given you any money? I advise my flock not to perish because of politicians because they share their money. I still need help contacting party members. Politicians and elites are responsible.

I don’t enjoy talking because I know my main responsibility is the word of God. Bible-based encouragement. If I quit my main mission for politics and tragedy strikes, God will declare he did not call me to preach politics. God will reveal the elites playing these games. Those who clamour for Igbos to be on their own may imagine development would instantly arrive, but what has occurred throughout the years? Igbo men have been governors of their states? Was Anambra’s governor Yoruba or Hausa eight or sixteen years ago? Why was development delayed? What did a Yoruba guy in Enugu or Imo do? What would Lagos Governor Sanwo-Olu do if the Oduduwa Republic came? A governor in the east built a road that lasted just a month, blaming acidic rain. Would the corrosive rain disappear when they became a republic? Please don’t let politicians exploit you.

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