While Akeredolu was away, I managed to escape a bomb

Sep 16, 2023 | Health | 0 comments

Hon. Lucky Aiyedatiwa, Deputy Governor of Ondo State, explained how he escaped a booby trap by his detractors while Rotimi Akeredolu was on medical leave.

Remember that Akeredolu spent three months in Germany for health reasons.

After returning last week, he resumed duty.

Before taking medical leave, Akeredolu delegated power to his deputy, the acting Governor.

Aiyedatiwa, in a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Kenneth Odusola-Stevenson, in Akure, said his detractors have since fabricated lies to tarnish his reputation since the Governor returned.

He said, “These lies would have been ignored, but we owe it a duty to prevent the public from being deceived into believing the same falsehoods being repeated and recycled in different forms by those whose sole intention is to soil the image of the man they see as a threat to their political

The statement states, “We need to remind the public that this is a continuation of the blackmail started by these same characters some months ago, with false stories planted in some media outlets against the Deputy Governor.”

However, since those lies failed, the blackmailers have returned with fake disloyalty stories to cause disaffection between him and the Governor.

Faceless individuals who have been hiding their identities because what they are putting out are pure fabrications are being sponsored by those threatened by the Deputy Governor’s profile, relationship with his boss, and goodwill with the people.

Despite his critics, many stakeholders have praised the Deputy Governor for his handling of state affairs as Acting Governor.

He avoided their booby traps, and they tripped on banana peels.

Against their expectations, the Deputy Governor kept his Principal informed of official State matters.

How could a man who was in constant contact with his boss and had prepared for his arrival to attend to other critical state matters, including the signing of the LCDA Law after State Assembly passage, be surprised?

The lies about disloyalty and impeachment were meant to irritate Mr. Governor and his family to debilitate the Deputy Governor before the state governorship election.

Since Mr. Governor has resumed work, the Deputy Governor has remained composed and dedicated to his responsibilities, unfazed by desperate politicians and their agents.

The statement said that no amount of fabricated lies would change the Deputy Governor’s loyalty to his Principal.

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