What is the value of your health?

Apr 24, 2024 | Health | 0 comments

Every morning, we wake up with thoughts of our big dreams and aspirations in life:

Educational goals.
The dream house or car.
The desired job.

Other great things that make life worth living.
Yet, in all this, we often overlook one crucial element that makes any of these aspirations worthwhile—and that is our health.

Maintaining one’s health can sometimes be financially challenging, which explains why many people overlook it in their daily pursuits. However, as various experiences in our society demonstrate, health is paramount. No matter your goal or dream in life, it can only be pursued when you are in good health.

What is the solution? Although this question can be complex, a government agency in Osun state, the Osun Health Insurance Scheme (OHIS), has provided a definitive answer. Established in 2018, OHIS was primarily structured to offer individuals and families a comprehensive healthcare plan. This plan not only provides enrollees with the benefit of qualitative healthcare but also significantly contributes to the prosperity of the state.

This is because a healthy population will always lead to a productive economy, which will, in turn, foster prosperity. Impressively, the healthcare plan offered by OHIS is all-encompassing, catering to all sectors and segments of Osun’s society. Whether you’re in the formal or informal sector, there is a plan for you to enjoy qualitative healthcare services alongside members of your family.

Interestingly, the cost of unlocking the immense benefits that OHIS offers in providing you with good healthcare services is pocket-friendly. As an individual, you can enjoy the benefit of qualitative healthcare services for a whole year at the sum of N12,066. Yes, you are correct. With N12,066, you can enjoy year-round healthcare services through OHIS.

Under the family package, a family of six can access good healthcare for a whole year for N57,600. This means that the father, mother, and four biological children or legally adopted children under the age of 18 will be covered by the OHIS plan for the one year the subscription lasts. Isn’t that incredible?

The above shows that while maintaining your health could be costly, OHIS is offering to share the burden to ensure you stay healthy. As an enrollee, you will no longer have to worry about how to handle the bill for your health needs or any of your family members, including beneficiaries for basic ailments, because OHIS has got you covered.

At first glance, N12,006 for an individual or N57,600 for a family of six people may seem like a lot of money to subscribe to the OHIS healthcare plan, but a second look will show that the services to enjoy in return far outweigh the payment. Many individuals and families expend huge amounts of money to get drugs or extensive treatment for one ailment or another, which would no longer be necessary when enrolled in the OHIS healthcare plan.

A healthcare plan, in form and context, holds enormous benefits for individuals and families, and the math will confirm this. At N12,066, an individual will contribute about N1,005.50 kobo to access qualitative healthcare services when needed, while a family of six people will pay N4,800 every month for each member of that family to receive the required medical attention.

The numbers show that we can get the best healthcare by just contributing, as the OHIS plans clearly indicated. Now, the question that should agitate minds is, what am I waiting for? Residents of Osun, both in the formal and informal sectors, have their questions on getting qualitative healthcare services answered by OHIS and should save time in subscribing to the individual or family comprehensive healthcare package.

At the moment, OHIS is in partnership with 432 health facilities across Osun state. The list of healthcare facilities comprises 332 focal primary healthcare facilities, 17 public healthcare facilities, including the University of Osun Teaching Hospital, formerly known as LAUTECH, and 82 accredited private healthcare facilities. What this means is that wherever you are in Osun state, you will be able to access the services offered by OHIS.

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