UK student visas will now cost £417 and employment visas will cost up to £1,482

Jul 15, 2023 | International | 0 comments

The UK government will raise NHS funding from £624 to £1,035.

The government plans to raise student visas by 15% (from £363 to £417) and work visas by 20% (from £1,235 to £1,482 for more than three years).

In a Friday video, UK Treasury chief secretary John Glen stated visit, work, and post-study work (PSW) visas would cost more.

He also mentioned that study visas, COS, ILR, and settlement status would cost extra.

Glen noted that priority visa applications would rise dramatically.

We aim to raise the immigration health fee, which has been frozen for three years, he added.

Notwithstanding increasing inflation and other pressures on the economy and system, to cover all healthcare expenditures for those who pay.

Our proposals raise the main charge to £1,035 and the reduced rate for students and young youths to £776.

“This fee hike will support doctor pay increases. We will also raise fees for various immigration and nationality routes, including those for those coming to live, work, and study at a record-high rate.

“Specifically, this implies raising the cost of work visas and visit visas by 15% and study visas, COS, settlement, citizenship, broader entrance clearance, ILR visas, and priority visas by at least 20%.

“We’re also equalising prices for students and anyone utilising a priority service so consumers pay the same whether they apply from the UK or abroad.

“This will assist in covering migration and border system expenses, enabling the home secretary to redirect additional funds to police forces to help finance the police pay raise.

“We will reduce civil service recruitment in the ministry of defence until March 2025 to cover the wage boost for all forces.”

A day earlier, UK prime minister Rishi Sunak revealed intentions to raise visa application costs drastically.

The prime minister planned to generate nearly £1 billion to pay teachers, police, junior doctors and other public sector personnel.

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