Uganda: Government Announces National Sports Strategy to Promote Education and Well-Being

Sep 29, 2023 | Sports | 0 comments

The Ugandan government has unveiled a ground-breaking National Physical Education and Sports Policy to support education and encourage physical wellness among young people.

The initiative, expected to transform the nation’s sports development, was presented to the cabinet by Janet Kataha Museveni, the minister of education and sports.

This policy’s primary goal is to create a thorough framework for introducing, growing, and promoting sports at all levels.

One of its main provisions is the need for schools to provide playgrounds to support children’s physical education.

Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister for IT & National Guidance, emphasised the many advantages of sports, stressing that they go beyond financial gains and are essential for preserving physical fitness and general health.

Minister Baryomunsi drew attention to the widespread enthusiasm for European football teams, where people make their living as athletes, highlighting the global phenomenon of sports tourism.

To meet the rising interest in sports, he pledged to build stadiums in every zone and a larger national stadium as part of the government’s commitment to enhancing the sports infrastructure.

This policy’s introduction, though, comes at the same time as a worrying trend, particularly in Kampala, where many schools have lost their playgrounds to private developers. Minister Baryomunsi assured the populace that the administration is actively looking for solutions in response to these worries.

No schools will be shut down due to a lack of a playground, he promised.

The government intends to acquire areas that several institutions can share to assist schools that urgently need playgrounds.

Future applications for new schools will require that they have a playground. This action is anticipated to guarantee that upcoming generations will have the opportunity for physical education and sports they deserve.

Uganda’s dedication to education and physical well-being has advanced significantly with the release of the National Physical Education and Sports Policy.

The government firmly supports sports development as an essential part of the nation’s future, with plans to build stadiums nationwide and protect existing playgrounds.

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