Udensi to Otti: Avoid combining deceit with your good deeds

Apr 25, 2024 | International | 0 comments

Sir Chikwe Udensi, a security consultant with the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), has cautioned Abia State governor, Dr. Alex Otti, against mixing commendable deeds with misinformation when communicating with the public.

Udensi, a prominent figure in the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), expressed concern over the current government’s handling of allegations of embezzlement of N107 billion of Abia State funds.

He highlighted the need for a more serious approach to addressing the issue, suggesting that Governor Otti’s administration’s handling of the case could cast doubt on the credibility of the allegations.

Recently, Governor Otti disclosed alleged financial irregularities, including payments to contractors for non-existent projects and the misappropriation of funds for the construction of the Abia State Airport, during a meeting with Abia citizens in the United States.

In response, Udensi, speaking on a radio phone-in program, questioned the seriousness of the government’s approach to such significant allegations. He emphasized the need for a thorough investigation and proper legal procedures to address the issue.

Udensi criticized what he perceived as a tendency towards media trials rather than judicial prosecution, expressing scepticism over the selective investigation of only the previous administration led by Dr Okezie Ikpeazu.

He cautioned against prematurely labelling individuals as criminals based solely on accusations without allowing them the opportunity to defend themselves.

Despite his reservations about certain actions of the Otti-led administration, Udensi acknowledged the government’s achievements in infrastructure development but stressed the importance of transparency and accountability in governance.

He raised concerns over discrepancies in the government’s claims, citing examples such as the discovery of ghost workers and discrepancies in pension payments.

Udensi urged for a more honest and transparent approach to handling allegations of financial misconduct, emphasizing the need for proper investigation and adherence to legal procedures to ensure justice and fairness for all parties involved.

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