Presidential Candidates who are unsatisfied with the tribunal’s decision may appeal to the high court, according to Falana

Sep 6, 2023 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

He lamented the judiciary’s unprecedented blackmail and intimidation over presidential election petitions.
Femi Falana, a human rights lawyer SAN, said the Presidential Tribunal’s Wednesday ruling is not final.

Falana told Channels Television’s show on Monday that any party unhappy with the ruling might appeal to the Supreme Court.

He voiced his unhappiness that the court was experiencing unprecedented blackmail and innuendo over presidential election petitions, stating no election petition had garnered such attention since colonial control.

He stated, “We have had electoral petitions since colonial times, but none have garnered such judicial blackmail and coercion.

“I don’t think everything ends with the ruling of the Court of Appeal, Presidential Election Petition Tribunal. Losers on Wednesday may appeal to the Supreme Court. What’s behind the cheap blackmail? The senior lawyer asked.

The senior lawyer blamed pressure and intimidation on new voters who feel their candidate should win, saying election tribunals were about something other than this.

He said the justices will review the parties’ evidence, apply the law, and decide.

He added: “As they say, even if the skies fall and they won’t, the judges must issue their judgement despite coercion or intimidation, satisfied they can defend it.

They must analyze the facts, apply the law, and decide. Some will lose, others will win, but those who lose and are unhappy will have another chance to show the Supreme Court how the Court of Appeal erred, Falana said.

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