Tribunal Decision: Obi’s attorney issues a severe warning to Nigerian authorities

Sep 8, 2023 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate lawyer, Livy Uzoukwu, has warned that if election protesters unable to prove their case, they may turn to problematic channels.

“Electoral jurisprudence may disappear”: Obi’s lawyer
After the tribunal’s ruling on September 6, the senior attorney of Nigeria (SAN) threatened to challenge Tinubu’s election, Vanguard reported.

Uzoukwu warned that petitioners may self-help if they struggle to prove their case “owing to hurdles from government institutions like the Independent National Election Commission (INEC)”.

“Our electoral jurisprudence will evaporate if we are not vigilant. I am saying this with every amount of sincerity because when the litigant, when those who contested the election, continue to find it very difficult to establish their case due to obstacles on the way, starting with INEC, certainly they may resort to some other means of trying to get justice, which may not be lawful.”

Tinubu responds to tribunal win
Tinubu applauded the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal judgement (PEPT).

In a press release, president spokesman Ajuri Ngelale expressed his emotions.

President Tinubu also urged for Nigeria’s communal building in the statement.

Successful Tinubu celebrates
Videos showed Tinubu celebrating the PEPT’s ruling, making him Nigeria’s president.

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