“This is Not Ordinary”: Akintelure, the brother of late Ondo APC governorship candidate, provides details

Mar 28, 2024 | Politics | 0 comments

Akure, the state of Ondo Details of the late politician’s passing have been disclosed by Oladapo, the younger brother of the late Dr. Paul Akintelure, an All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate for governor of Ondo state.

After a brief illness, the well-liked lawmaker passed away in the early hours of Tuesday, March 26.

In an interview with Daily Trust,

Oladapo said that his older brother’s death was not a natural one.

A few days after he first voiced concerns on Thursday, March 19, regarding a “serious threat” to his life, he unexpectedly passed away.

He said that Akintelure had been claiming various ailments for a duration of 12 to 14 days before his eventual demise.

Oladapo claims that the APC leader was hospitalised in order to pause his gubernatorial campaign and attend to his health urgently.

He had been complaining of a number of unexpected diseases, including headaches and back and chest difficulties, for the previous 12 or 14 days.

He had to take a leave of absence from the campaign to take care of his health after being admitted. We relocated him to Lagos at the time because we were concerned and urged him to relax.

As a family member, I would prefer to keep my comments to myself for the time being, as this is still a startling event for us. Although this is unusual, it is regrettable that we lost him at this crucial juncture.

As previously reported by, Akintelure has experience in politics in his home state having participated in several elections.

Akintelure was a medical practitioner in addition to running for governor in the approaching APC primary election in April.

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