The real reason LP chieftain Peter Obi abandoned Julius Abure

Apr 2, 2024 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

Yinusa Tanko, Labour Party leader and Obi-Datti campaign spokesperson, addressed the party crisis.

Tanko told ChannelsTV that the problem could have been avoided if the leadership had followed Peter Obi, the party’s 2023 presidential contender.

Tanko stated the party’s recent national conference, which reelected Julius Abure as chairman, needed to be more inclusive.

“His Excellency, Peter Obi, has made a concerted effort to intervene at any point we have this particular issue and try to improve,” Tanko stated.

“When the national convention came up, he (Obi) suggested to the national chairman that because we are bigger now, we need a wider consultation: meet with responsible and interested people like the TUC and NLC, stakeholders, the Obedient group—young people who want Nigeria to work. Meeting with leaders with new ideas can help us grow.

Obi made all of these proposals and implemented them after meeting with National Assembly members.

It’s regrettable that Peter Obi’s nubbed’ Tinubu’s birthday, says Atiku’s ex-aide.

He (Obi) met with the party leadership recently in Asaba to give them ideas on how to better our condition. Still, you know how politics is—sometimes people attempt to encourage people but do something different.

“You can only take a horse to the river, but you cannot force it to drink water. So that’s what Peter Obi has done. He has done so much to see if we can solve some of our problems.”

He said Abure has the right to run for national chairman again, but it’s only suitable to involve more individuals.

Tanko said Abure violated an agreement to host an all-inclusive national convention from the ward, local government, and state levels before the national level.

He claimed the convention that reinstalled Abure as party head “did not conform with that agreement” and was “not acceptable” to everyone in the party.

Tanko replied that “Obi is a brand of his own and that he and other people will always move with him wherever he goes” when asked if the party turmoil could hurt Obi in the next election.

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