The NLC protests Abure’s reelection as head of the Labour Party, claiming that the convention was unlawful

Mar 29, 2024 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

Yesterday, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) deemed the Labour Party’s (LP) national convention unlawful and void.

In addition to stating the Union’s stance yesterday, NLC spokesman Benson Upah confirmed that the Union will never support the party led by Abure.

He called the convention that resulted in Abure’s reelection a farce and denounced it.

It is a nullity and an illegality. The entire activity was a farce! Such blatant impunity cannot be justified by anything, Upah remarked.

“You, wait and see,” Upah said, confirming the NLC’s course of action after the party leadership leadership confirmed Abure’s reelection.

Additionally, the party’s Alhaji Lamidi Apapa faction boasted that the convention would not hold.

Mr. Peter Okoye, the party’s factional chairman for Anambra State and leader of the Apapa faction there, called the convention a farce.

Speaking to reporters in Anambra, Okoye declared, “This is not a convention.” We’ve got this under control. It isn’t legal at all.

“There was no state congress, no ward congress, and no local government congress. Who and what elected the delegates who are choosing the NWC members now?

“Who holds the convention when the NLC, TUC, party owners, NEC members, and BOT members are not present?”

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