The Nigerian hero giving animals a safe refuge

Apr 16, 2024 | Entertainment | 0 comments

In the southeastern outskirts of Lagos, amidst the tranquil melodies of chirping birds, splashing crocodiles, and rustling pangolins, lies a haven for wildlife. This sanctuary owes its existence to the passion and dedication of one man: Chinedu Mogbo, a compassionate advocate for animal welfare.

In 2012, fueled by a deep concern for the plight of endangered species being traded and mistreated across Nigeria, Chinedu took action. He founded The Green Fingers Wildlife Sanctuary, a refuge where animals find safety, care, and hope for the future.

Since its inception, The Green Fingers Wildlife Sanctuary has been a beacon of hope for thousands of animals. Chinedu and his team have tirelessly rescued, nurtured, and rehabilitated a diverse array of wildlife. Many of these creatures, classified as critically endangered by the World Wildlife Fund, have found sanctuary within its gates.

To ensure the welfare of their furry and scaly residents, Chinedu and his team have meticulously designed purpose-built enclosures that mirror natural habitats. Their ultimate aim is to reintroduce these animals to the wild, fostering their independence and freedom. For those unable to return to their natural habitat, the sanctuary offers a permanent, loving home.

Yet, Chinedu’s vision extends far beyond the boundaries of his sanctuary. He dreams of establishing similar facilities across Nigeria, spreading awareness of the country’s remarkable biodiversity. Through his unwavering commitment, Chinedu Mogbo is not only safeguarding endangered species but also inspiring others to cherish and protect the natural world.

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