The minister wants to work with the commercial sector to advance sports

Sep 4, 2023 | Sports | 0 comments

The Federal Government’s effort to revitalise the industry and make it a sustainable contributor to the national economy has received backing from the business sector, according to Sports Minister John Owan-Enoh.

The minister claimed that he was appointed to the position of minister of sports to carry out President Bola Tinubu’s plan to use the industry to create economic empowerment, job creation, security, and poverty eradication opportunities. The minister claimed that the dream could only be realised with the backing of the organised private sector.

Owan-Enoh said he would continue to consult and work with stakeholders in the sports industry, private organisations, and corporate organisations to realise the government’s goal of repositioning the sector for economic growth and the development of our country during an interactive session with stakeholders in the sports industry on Friday in Lagos.

He added that he was touring several athletic venues nationwide to understand their conditions and the best course of action for restoring them to their former grandeur.
He said that since it is where the potential resides, he is also concerned with ensuring the growth of sports from the very beginning.

He regularly meets with the presidents and secretaries of all the national athletic federations to find answers to the problems plaguing the organisations as part of his goal to make the sports industry profitable.
He added that we must get down, make a commitment, and decide what we want to do with the different federations and the best approach to do it.

The minister confirmed Enoh’s statement and said he would focus equally on all sports rather than just a few and endeavour to meet all administration goals.

“I greatly desire to achieve, so picking a side won’t help. I’m going into this work with an open mind and will always do my best to help. Always put the needs of the country first.
He said, “I am the Minister of Sports, not the Minister of basketball, cricket, or football.”

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