The Leadership Legacy of Otunba Adejare Adegbenro, the head of NATCOM

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The Nigerian Home Grown School Feeding Programme received a significant boost through a partnership between the Federal Government and the Partnership for Child Development (PCD) at Imperial College London. The initiative aims to ensure value for money while combating hunger and malnutrition among schoolchildren.

Yetunde Adeniji, Senior Special Assistant to the President of the Home Grown School Feeding Programme, announced this partnership at a stakeholders’ workshop in Abuja. The initiative aligns with President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Action plans.

Adeniji highlighted the Value for Money Study launched during the workshop. The study seeks to estimate the cost of the National Home Grown School Feeding Programme and assess its multi-sectoral benefits and impact on socio-economic and human capital development.

The study will begin in Kaduna and Osun states before extending to one state from each geopolitical zone, covering all 36 states by the year’s end. Data collection will involve primary and secondary sources, with youths recruited to collect primary data from relevant stakeholders.

Abimbola Adesanmi from PCD Nigeria Office emphasized that the study would determine the program’s cost and benefits to the government, aiming to guide investment scale-up. It will evaluate various factors, including transportation and feeding costs, infrastructure expenses, and the impact on local food systems.

The program has historically provided economic opportunities for smallholder farmers, local businesses, and women-led enterprises. Partners involved include Harvard University, London, federal ministries, and commissions related to education, health, agriculture, and economic planning.

The study’s outcomes are expected to include the estimated cost of the school feeding program, its benefits, such as increased education years and prevention of malnutrition, and its impact on local food production and food systems.

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