The focus of Gov. Inuwa’s speeches is a thorough evaluation of operational tactics for fighting crime

Oct 17, 2023 | Security | 0 comments

Gombe State Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has called for a nationwide review of operational strategies to fight crime.

The Governor spoke while visiting Abuja’s Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) headquarters to meet with the Commandant General, Dr. Ahmed Abubakar Audi, and Corps leaders.

The Chairman of the Northern Governors’ Forum, Inuwa Yahaya, raised the security issues facing Gombe State and Northern Nigeria at the meeting to find sustainable solutions.

He sought greater cooperation between state governments and security agencies like the NSCDC to address security issues and promote socioeconomic development, particularly in the agrarian region.

The Governor stressed the need for innovative security measures and suggested a comprehensive review of operational strategies to improve Nigeria’s security.

The Governor requested more Agro-Rangers during harvest season to protect his state’s agrarian economy.

He requested NSCDC support to continue restricting herders’ movements during this crucial period, which has been successful.

He stressed that the NSCDC must adapt its operational strategies to fight banditry, kidnapping, and farmer-herder conflicts.

The Governor said his administration restricts herders’ movements during harvests to help farmers harvest well, but enforcing compliance is difficult, so the NSCDC and relevant agencies must work together.

He added that Agro-Rangers will protect farming communities and boost regional food security.

He said, “Unfortunately, farmer-herder clashes led to banditry and kidnapping in our country today.

Since October, Gombe has banned cattle movement. To let farmers harvest.

“Unfortunately, human nature has made law enforcement difficult. Gombe State Security and Traffic Corps isn’t enough, so we ask Civil Defence for help.

“Over 75% of our people are peasant farmers and animal breeders. The insurgency has affected our forest and grazing reserves.”

In addition, Inuwa Yahaya urged security chiefs to protect North East schools, which have faced severe educational challenges due to security threats.

He noted that the NSCDC’s National Safe Schools Protection programme could restore parents’ confidence and ensure student safety, especially given Gombe State’s only female boarding school in the north.

The Governor told the NSCDC boss that his administration returned over 350,000 out-of-school children to school.

He stressed that the Corps’ Safe School Programme could help parents regain confidence and keep students in school.

He praised Audi’s visionary leadership of the NSCDC, particularly the Agro-Rangers and National Safe Schools Protection programmes, which align with Gombe State’s agrarian economy and development goals.

He pledged to support NSCDC operations in Gombe and the North.

Audi agreed to work with the Gombe State Governor.

He promised more Agro Rangers and high-quality officers for Gombe State.

We will support you and send experts and highly trained intelligence personnel to Gombe to train the Traffic and Security Corps you have already established. They will also receive training at our schools to improve their efficiency.

He said, “Civil Defence is the lead agency in protecting critical national infrastructure in Nigeria.” We protect agro-allied companies, farmers, and farmlands.

Gombe State is an agrarian state, so we’ll send more Agro-Rangers. Your arrival is timely.

“We train Agro Rangers quarterly. Once we finish training some batches, we’ll work with the Gombe State Commandant to send you some.

Under Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s leadership, Gombe State has achieved greatness and success, according to the NSCDC Commandant-General.

He promised to support Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s climate and agrarian revolution and Gombe State’s efforts to become the subregion’s safest state.

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