The election of Barr Onyebueke and Barr Obi-Okafor as the club’s president and secretary was upheld by the high court

Aug 4, 2023 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

An Anambra State High Court in Nnewi confirmed Lawyer Fidelis Onyebueke and Barrister Felix Obi-Okafor as the Peoples Club of Nigeria’s President and Secretary.

In a case brought by Professor Edwin Chukwuma, Judge Vin Agbata confirmed Barr Onyebueke and Barr Obi-Okafor as President and Secretary, respectively, and ordered the Nnewi Branch Chairman of the Association to stop parading as Chairman.

Plaintiff claimed that notwithstanding Section 8 of the Amended Constitution of the Peoples Club of Nigeria of 1979, stating that elected officials may only serve two terms, the Nnewi Branch Chairman, elected in 2014 and whose second term expired in 2019, had continued to function as Chairman.

The Court dismissed the Nnewi Branch Chairman and forbade the Peoples Club of Nigeria Trustees from interfering in Barr Onyebueke Executives’ election.

The Association’s Constitution Interpretation Court ruled:

“It follows thus without any doubt, in line with Section 8 thereof, that the term of the Club’s officers is for three years, with an opportunity for re-election for another three years. Since it is common ground that the tenure of office of the immediate past (R.O.C. Ekedozie led) executive committee of the Club expired in 2019, the elections of the present members of the executive committee, including the 2nd and 3rd Defendants, on the 17th day of December 2022 are valid and subsisting.”

Hence, the Nnewi Branch Chairman of the Club, elected in 2014, has served his legally mandated term. The 1st Defendant, her employees, agents, and privies are consequently prevented from organising additional elections of the Club’s executive committee until the 2nd and 3rd defendants’ three-year term ends.

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