Tennis prodigy from Nigeria is about to play when the French Embassy changes its mind and issues a visa

Jul 18, 2023 | Sports | 0 comments

Oluwaseun Ogunsakin, a Nigerian tennis prodigy, will play in the European Circuit competition to boost his world ranking.

How the French embassy in Nigeria rejected Ogunsakin’s visa due to “reasonable suspicions” about certain of his paperwork.

The French Embassy reinstated Ogunsakin’s travel papers.

The potential Nigerian tennis player will participate in the next four weeks of the training camp and YSA competitions in France, Germany, and Belgium due to the forced late arrival.

Richfield Dongo, the General Manager of the Aurum Tennis School where Ogunsakin is training, thinks “it is better late than never”.

Indeed, he received the visa on July 10. Mr Dongo informed on Monday that they interviewed him and resolved everything.

He continued: “Yes, he missed the first week of the competition; he missed Friday last week; he is meant to start the second week of the tournament today (Monday).

Huge relief
The Aurum Tennis School GM said Ogunsakin was glad to get a visa from the French Consulate because he was losing points.

He felt relieved and thrilled. “He was losing points by not participating, so it was nice he was able to go on this journey even if it would be for four weeks instead of six,” Mr. Dongo said.

Ogunsakin, known for his persistence and drive, is expected to make the most of his remaining games, even if the Aurum Tennis School GM emphasised there are other competitions throughout the year.

We aim to develop our ties with the French Embassy since he can still attend competitions. I hope this starts better embassy relations.”

Many think Ogunsakin would become a celebrity like 20-year-old Carlos Alcaraz, who won the Wimbledon Open on Sunday.

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