Tems’ new single, “Love Me Jeje,” celebrates the release of her debut album

Apr 30, 2024 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Nigerian international singer-songwriter Tems is tantalizing her fans with a taste of her debut full-length album. Before the album’s grand unveiling, she’s teasing listeners with a fresh single titled “Love Me Jeje.”

For years, Tems has captivated audiences with her distinctive voice, landing RIAA-certified tracks and securing spots on the Billboard Hot 100, all without the release of a complete album. However, the wait is almost over as she prepares to drop her highly anticipated debut.

The announcement of her album, “Born In The Wild,” earlier this month sparked waves of excitement across social media platforms. With the release of “Love Me Jeje,” produced by Ghanaian beatmaker GuiltyBeatz, that excitement has reached a crescendo. The title, translating to “Love Me Gently,” hints at the song’s theme—a heartfelt plea for tender affection. Tems’ soulful lyrics express desires for genuine connection and echo sentiments of yearning and devotion.

“Love Me Jeje” serves as a delectable appetizer for the forthcoming album, allowing fans to relish Tems’ latest offering while eagerly anticipating the full feast, which will arrive in May.

Prepare to be swept away by the soothing vibes of “Love Me Jeje” as you await the arrival of “Born In The Wild” next month. The future of African music is undeniably bright, with Tems shining as one of its guiding stars.

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