Supermodel Emmanuel Somto has been named Mister International Nigeria’s director

Apr 30, 2024 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Emmanuel Somto, a celebrated figure in the Nigerian modelling scene, has ascended to the position of National Director of Mister International Nigeria, marking a significant milestone in his already illustrious career.

His entertainment firm secured the franchise for this esteemed male pageant, and Somto has pledged to leverage his extensive experience in the industry to elevate the competition to new heights.

Somto, who has blazed trails in the pageant world, described his journey from contestant to leader as nothing short of phenomenal.

He expressed his excitement, stating, “Becoming the Mister International license holder is a dream realized. I now have the privilege of guiding talented young men who aspire to compete on the global stage towards fulfilling their dreams.”

Emmanuel Somto’s appointment heralds a new era of excellence and innovation in the Nigerian pageant landscape. Following his triumph as Mister Teen Nigeria, Somto etched his name in history by becoming the first Nigerian to vie for the Mister Model International title, ultimately clinching the coveted Mister Model Africa title—a crowning achievement in his career.

The news of the former Mister Teen Nigeria’s appointment has generated widespread excitement within entertainment circles. Reflecting on his transition from competitor to entrepreneur, Somto recounted the founding of his thriving entertainment company, which holds licenses to prestigious male competitions worldwide, including Mister International Nigeria.

Somto holds the distinction of being the first Nigerian to compete in the Mr. Global pageant and also secured the prestigious Mister Popularity award at the global competition.

Under his leadership, his company has nurtured and supported remarkable young talents, grooming them for success on international platforms.

“Obtaining the Mister International license is a surreal accomplishment—one that I wouldn’t have believed possible years ago. This is a pageant I once aspired to compete in, and now, I have the privilege of making that dream a reality for incredibly talented young men,” Somto remarked with enthusiasm.

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