Subsidy Removal: FG Tells Public Servants You Can’t Work From Home

Aug 9, 2023 | Politics | 0 comments

As the Federal Government disapproves of shorter workdays, civil officials in the 36 States may no longer work from home.
The FG argued that state governments were unimaginative for Nigeria.

To mitigate the impact of gasoline subsidy reduction on employees, the state government decreased working days from five to three.

During a Nasarawa technical training, Dr. Nasir Mustapha, Director General of the National Productivity Centre (NPC), stated the government’s viewpoint.

Mustapha said Nigeria lacks the infrastructure for working from home.

“Work nowadays is not physical. Working in the workplace daily. Nigeria needs help with working from home.

“Give your personnel the equipment and infrastructure to work online to decrease their workdays.

“In our nation, working from home requires adequate infrastructure. Thus, lowering the number of workdays is not innovative for a nation like Nigeria,” he remarked.

Mustapha added that people are campaigning for less physical work, which appears everywhere, but the most essential thing is to fulfill objectives.

He asked the state government to provide facilities to assist workers and make it simpler for them to work the ILO-mandated hours.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) supports workers’ rights, dignified employment, social protection, and workplace discussion.

“Therefore, I recommend that the best thing for the governors to do is to provide infrastructure that would enable these people to travel to their employment for the duration as authorized by the ILO convention,” the DG stated.

“The convention specifies that employees should work a minimum of eight hours every day from Monday to Friday, but if they wish to offer their workers some days off, they should provide the appropriate facilities that would allow them to work outside their workplace.”

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