Style Is Life, says Anejo

Apr 22, 2024 | Politics | 0 comments

Matthew Abiche Anejo, the CEO of DabichXperts, a fashion outlet catering to politicians and celebrities, shares his views on fashion trends and his approach to design. Speaking to Deborah Ocheni, he emphasized the importance of respecting the country’s currency. He distinguishes between spraying money at musicians, which is part of African culture, and mutilating or abusing the Naira, which reduces its lifespan and disrespects both the artist and the currency.

Pasuma has always provided a box for fans to put money in, rather than spraying it, even before the campaign against Naira abuse began. Osupa noted that the ban hadn’t negatively impacted his business, as his crew now collects money in a box provided on stage instead of spraying it. He stated that this method actually increased their earnings compared to spraying.

Similarly, Ayuba stated that he had always used the box method, indicating that the ban would not affect him. Both Osupa and Ayuba emphasized that the prohibition ban aims to prevent the mishandling of currency and not discourage spending on artists. They advocate for respecting the currency and supporting the government’s policies.

Ayuba reiterated that the government’s purpose is to uphold the dignity of the nation’s culture, emphasizing that using a box to collect money during performances is a respectful approach. The artists all agree that this ban won’t affect their performances or earnings, and they support the government’s preserving the integrity of the Naira. The transition from spraying money to putting it in a box has not affected their income, indicating that fans are still willing to show their appreciation.

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