Shaibu manipulated youth council poll for selfish reasons, says Obaseki

Aug 15, 2023 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

The governor, Godwin Obaseki, accused his deputy, Philip Shaibu, of rigging the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Edo State Chapter’s election to install an Executive Council to pursue his purported selfish desire to become governor next year.

Obaseki apologized to his deputy at the Youth House in Benin City for World Youths Day.

Recall that youth organizations in Edo State resisted the imposition of the NYCN, Edo State chapter’s immediate-past exco.

To bring order to the council, Obaseki dismissed the exco and called for new elections.

Obaseki claimed Shaibu helped him further his youth council ambitions over the weekend.

“I apologize for the Youth Council election issue,” he remarked without my consent.

As you can see, my deputy governor engineered your election to control and utilize the council to fulfil his political ambitions. Excuse me. You will have an independent, well-organized, transparent election in the future.”

Betsy Obaseki, the governor’s wife, praised the youths: “You are the ones we are looking up to.” We’re active in your life to help you. You’ll exceed our expectations.”

The Edo State administration may be finalizing preparations to renovate the deputy governor’s office.

A government source said the remodelling would start this week and prevent Shaibu from working from his office.

“I don’t believe any refurbishment is needed but the state administration will decide,” the person stated.

If they renovate, the deputy governor can’t work there. Until he gets a new workplace, he may struggle.

I’m confident this will happen due to their disagreement. The deputy governor approached a Federal High Court in Abuja to block any impeachment procedure against him two weeks ago. While the governor stated his deputy had not told him about his gubernatorial aspirations, it is evident that the topic has produced conflict between the two.

“I hope they solve this issue because it will drag the state back, which is unneeded.”

In response to a text message, Governor Andrew Okungbowa’s Chief Press Secretary stated he wasn’t aware of such a development since there was no formal memo.

“There is no formal circular to that effect,” he stated. I’ll have confirmation from the right office by next week.”

Today, the state House of Assembly will discuss several development problems.

Today’s procedures may reveal if Shaibu is impeached, notwithstanding the court’s ban.

On Sunday, Edo State Peoples Democratic Party officials voted for Obaseki, criticizing Shaibu for not trying an internal conflict settlement before going to court.

At the Igueben Local Government Area, Edo PDP leaders Tony Aziegbemi, former Chairman, PDP Board of Trustee Chief Tom Ikimi, Clifford Odia, Sergius Ogun, Joe Edionwele, and others met.

“At the meeting, a vote of confidence in the Governor of Edo State was offered by Chief Francis Ulinfun and supported by Elder Johnny Abhulimen,” they said in a release. All Esanland party leaders voted for the measure.

The conference was pleased with the speed and effectiveness of peace and reconciliation efforts to unify party factions, notably in Esanland.

“However, Governor Obaseki and his relationship deteriorated with extreme dismay.”

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