Senator Florence Ita Giwa is dragged by former governor Donald Duke in shocking details

Sep 16, 2023 | Politics | 0 comments

Their quarrel has a soft history. Still, I don’t understand how she questioned his gender, and he called her an ahewo, saying she was a “courtesan in her political and business dealings.”

It’s messy!

His memo states

Age and authority are sacred in human interactions, especially in Africa.
Mma Florence is my senior on both counts. “If she were family, she would be my late 94-year-old mother’s immediate junior sister, as none of my aunties are near her age, and I don’t take that lightly. A former federal minister told me that Mma Florence started auxiliary nurse training at Aba in 1952 when he started secondary school in Lagos. In April 1961, Mma Floxy, as I fondly and respectfully call her, contested the Ms. Nigeria pageant while I was still a foetus.

“Last year, she mocked a PDP meeting I hosted at my home to unite southern aspirants, upset she wasn’t invited. I apologised to her but explained that she couldn’t attend because she’s not a PDP member and, while she’s called “Eka Iban,” she’s neither Efik nor from southern Cross River. Mom is from Umuahia, Abia, and Dad is from Atabong, Akwa Ibom.

In addition to serving Cross River State, her home state, Mma Floxy, has served Nigeria well. She was on the front lines of the Nigerian civil war in 1967, when I was 6. She was one of the brave few called the ‘Commando Girls’ for their heroics during national crises.

She has since been involved in business and social issues in Abuja, Lagos, and Cross River State. Her resume is good.

She represented Cross River State in the Nigerian Senate and Federal House. As a Special Adviser to the President, she diligently performed many classified duties.

She recently questioned my gender, which I’m glad she can’t confirm because it would be sacrilegious, but I’m a proud father of three biological children.

Regarding my indigence before becoming governor, I needn’t remind her or anyone of my pedigree and that I self-sponsored my elections during political uncertainty.

I was her contact during liposuction, breast implant, and upliftment, so I consider her an aunt. By contrast, Mma Floxy has been a courtesan in politics and business. Abusing or criticising such a person would be a betrayal of my upbringing. Respect for elders should never be questioned in politics. Thank You.

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