Peter Obi’s response to President Tinubu offering appointments slots to governors from the Labour Party and PDP

Jul 15, 2023 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

President Tinubu Appoints Labour Party, PDP Governors, Peter Obi Reacts.

Peter Obi, Labour Party presidential candidate, responded to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s offer of board positions to state governors, including PDP governors.

The Punch said that President Tinubu invited the governors to recommend qualified people to Federal Government agencies’ disbanded boards and parastatals in a communiqué published after the NGF meeting on Wednesday, July 12.

On June 19, President Tinubu disbanded 156 Federal Government bodies and parastatals.

Kwara State Governor Abdulrazaq said the conference thanked President Tinubu for allowing governors to appoint board members across party lines.

Yunusa Tanko, Obi-Datti Campaign Council’s Chief Spokesperson, stated governors’ board berths “would not alter the reality that Tinubu’s presidency is an illegal administration.”

He called the board positions a “gimmick” to recruit opposition governments and chieftains to the APC.

“APC is trying everything in its crooked book to justify this administration, which we have bitterly opposed. We’ll do what’s proper once the court rules.

Yet every effort we see them make is to persuade people to trust and legitimate their regime. It’s true.

He added


We oppose legitimising state governors by sending letters. LP has one governor. The governor may follow their lead.

“But the fact is that would the APC tell you they don’t have party individuals in Abia State they can nominate? Why must they use the governor? They want him to join their party indirectly. That’s true.”

Tai Obasi, Obi’s communications adviser, said President Tinubu’s covert approach doesn’t legitimise his administration.

He said:

It’s a trick. You know Tinubu and his legal case. Even while it seems optimistic, his goal is clear.

Again, the oppositions are not idiots. We consider his administration interim.”

As President Bola Ahmed Tinubu dissolved the boards of over 153 agencies, parastatals, institutions, and government-owned corporations, 2,000 posts were vacant. The governing All Progressives Congress (APC) stated party members and the president’s cronies would obtain most of the lucrative positions.
On Monday, June 19, President Bola Tinubu disbanded the boards of all federal agencies, institutions, enterprises, and parastatals.

The Ministry of Communication and Culture tweeted that councils and commissions mentioned in Third Schedule Part 1, Section 153 I of the 1999 Constitution as amended will not be affected.

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