PDP in Edo State Ighodalo Disagrees With Obaseki, Causing New Crisis

May 13, 2024 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

Fresh turmoil brews within the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo State, casting a shadow over its unity and focus in the lead-up to the forthcoming election. Recent upheavals hint at internal discord within the party, primarily revolving around Governor Obaseki’s proposed allocation plan and governance strategies.

Sources reveal a divergence of opinions between Asue Ighodalo, a prominent party member, and Governor Obaseki regarding campaign organization and governance approaches should the PDP secure victory in the election. Of particular concern is Obaseki’s potential manipulation of local government chairmanship positions to influence their successors post-tenure.

A bone of contention arises over the continuation of Obaseki’s policies and the extent of traditional institutions’ involvement in governance. It appears that Ighodalo may be hesitant to endorse certain aspects of Obaseki’s agenda, fearing the resurgence of political influence outside democratic channels.

Despite these reported rifts, there are indications that Ighodalo may opt for a subdued stance to project a facade of party unity. Nevertheless, the alleged friction between Obaseki and Ighodalo has stirred apprehensions among Edo residents regarding the potential repercussions for the state’s progress if the PDP emerges victorious in the election.

In street surveys, residents voiced apprehensions about the internal discord within the party, underscoring the imperative of solidarity for the state’s advancement. They urged for the amicable resolution of differences between Obaseki and Ighodalo to safeguard the state’s development trajectory.

The unfolding developments in the ensuing weeks will be pivotal in assessing the ramifications of these internal rifts on the PDP’s electoral prospects.

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