Pat Utomi: My experience fighting cancer while running for office in 2023

Aug 12, 2023 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

Pat Utomi, a political economics professor, has said he was diagnosed with cancer in 2022.

The management specialist, who was actively engaged in the election campaign, said that throughout the campaign for the 2023 elections, he had to put up with being smuggled into and out of hospitals while he fought cancer.

Remember that Utomi, a contender for president in the Labour Party’s 2023 election, resigned to make way for Peter Obi.

Before and after the elections, he was a significant advocate for Obi.

Utomi’s Obi-Datti initiative about Nigeria

2023: Pat Utomi and I believe we have the mechanism to defeat 2023 Peter Obi.

Utomi, who did not specify the cancer he is fighting, said in a series of tweets on Friday that many Nigerian men over 60 suffer from this.

Speaking of his problems, Utomi said that while Nigerians prepared for the 2023 elections, he visited a cancer centre with locations in Ikeja and Victoria Island.

“I failed to see why mentioning that you were fighting cancer was improper. He wrote on X that the more I discussed it, the more people my age were in comparable situations.

The prevalence of older Nigerian males is virtually pandemic. They forfeit the advantage of early identification if they remain silent.

“After the elections, my young nephews and relatives, doctors from the US and Europe banded together with Lakeshore residents and decided they wanted to take care of me directly. It was that way. They restricted my phones to lessen my stress, so I stopped speaking.

Throughout the nation, Utomi is a well-respected technocrat and savvy politician. In the 2011 elections, he was the Social Democratic Mega Party’s nominee for president.

Utomi, the founder of the Institute for Values in Leadership, has gained notoriety since the late 1970s, when Shehu Shagari named him as the president’s special assistant.

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