Pastor Enenche Speaks Up After Witness He Accused of Fake Testimony Presents Evidence

Apr 17, 2024 | International | 0 comments

Addressing the recent controversy surrounding a testimony shared during a service at Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Senior Pastor Paul Enenche clarified his intentions regarding the testimony of Vera Anyim.

During the service, Vera testified about her academic achievements, claiming to be the sole graduate in her family with a degree in Law from the Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). However, Pastor Enenche raised questions regarding the authenticity of her degree, sparking public debate and calls for an apology.

In response to the ensuing outcry, Pastor Enenche’s Personal Assistant, Sylvester Edoh, conveyed the pastor’s explanation, stating that the inquiry stemmed from the church’s commitment to upholding standards of excellence and truthfulness. Emphasising that there was no intention to embarrass Vera, Pastor Enenche expressed relief upon confirming the legitimacy of her academic credentials.

Edoh further clarified that Pastor Enenche had already contacted Vera, emphasising his concern for her well-being and spiritual growth. He reiterated that the pastor’s actions were motivated by a desire to maintain integrity within the church community rather than to cause harm or offence.

Moving forward, Pastor Enenche remains dedicated to fostering a supportive environment for all congregation members, including Vera Anyim, and ensuring that the values of excellence and truthfulness continue to guide the ministry’s actions and interactions.

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