Only two States solution will end Israel-Palestine conflict – Envoy

Nov 2, 2023 | International | 0 comments

The Ambassador to Palestine in Nigeria, Abdullah Shawesh, urged the international community to negotiate a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine issue on Wednesday.

The envoy made the call while briefing Abuja reporters on Gaza’s humanitarian condition.

Shawesh stated that around 2.2 million civilians have suffered since Israel invaded Gaza.

The Palestinian Ambassador urged the international community to address the dispute’s core causes to resolve it.

“We strongly condemn the root causes of disputes but not their symptoms.

“Over 1,600 Gazans have been jailed since Oct. 7.
“We as Palestinians have one voice and are calling for a ceasefire on both sides and the release and return of hostages.”

Over 8,700 Palestinians had been killed in Gaza and 114 in the occupied West Bank as of Nov. 1, with 73% being children, women, and the elderly, Shawesh said.

“The total number of injured in Gaza is over 20,000, in the West Bank is 2,000, and the missing in Gaza under the rubbles are around 1,500,” Shawesh stated.

He stated that 116 health and rescue workers had died and over 100 injured since the fighting began.

The envoy also reported 25 ambulances out of service and 225 needing urgent maintenance.

“One-third of Gaza’s hospitals and 46 of 73 primary health care centres are closed due to direct attacks or fuel shortages.

It was repeatedly requested to evacuate all hospitals due to continuous threats.

“We have thousands of kidney failure, cancer, and other chronic disease patients in critical conditions; many will die due to lack of medicines,” the envoy bemoaned.

Shawesh encouraged the UN and other international organisations to investigate both sides fairly.

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