Nigerian Tweeps Criticize A Claim That 62% Of Nigerians Saw Tinubu’s Nation Going Forward Despite Economic Difficulties

Aug 15, 2023 | Politics | 0 comments

The businesses claimed 1,714 respondents from the country’s six geographic zones expressed their thoughts on Tinubu’s first 60 days.

X, formerly Twitter, Nigerians have criticised a viral tale saying that 62% of Nigerians believe President Bola Tinubu’s administration is developing.

CMC Connect LLP, a Lagos-based public perception consultancy and strategic communication agency, and Analysts Data Services and Resources (ADSR) found that 62% of Nigerians felt President Tinubu would lead the nation forward.

The businesses claimed 1,714 respondents from the country’s six geographic zones expressed their thoughts on Tinubu’s first 60 days.

The study states: “38% do not perceive the nation progressing ahead under the present government, while 62% do.

“Respondents are less happy with the first 60 days of the current government, but they are more enthusiastic about the nation going ahead under the present administration.”

Many Nigerians doubted the survey. They stated that the country’s socio-economic issues since Tinubu’s May inauguration are too great for anybody to say it’s progressing under the current administration.

Reddit user Chibuzoo called the poll government propaganda to confuse the public.

“62% of Nigerians like Tinubu regime is foolish,” he said. You can’t propaganda excellent policies in 80 days. This gasoline situation hurts.”

Let us always dread God. How can a study of 1,714 persons from a population of 200m or more determine that 62% of Nigerians are content with the present situation? Another user, Seye C. Ogun, called the survey statistically dead.

Ojadike believes the poll was rigged since 62% of respondents could not have consented to deceit.

“Let me also bring to your attention that the’so-called’ survey was manipulated,” the user stated. 62% of Nigerians aren’t blind and stupid.

Chukwuma Nwokoye wrote, “62% of Nigerians is 124m, Deceptive.”

Mayowa Olagunju criticised the study, saying the country’s recent gas price rises wouldn’t convince people that Tinubu’s presidency had improved things.

“62% of Nigerians perceive Tinubu guiding the nation ahead despite economic difficulty,” he claimed. I laughed at the tweet—who are 62% of Nigerians? Some wake up to N700 gasoline price.”

Sir David Onyemaizu added: “62% of Nigerians feel that Tinubu’s government would be better? Nigerians who trek owing to high transit fares?

“Same Nigerians that can’t afford their autos because to PMS’s rising cost?”

“Same Nigerians that can’t afford three square meals owing to hyper-inflated food prices?

Are the same Nigerians barely surviving on a $30 minimum salary at 940/$?

You can’t propagandise excellent policies. You can’t use dumb media antics to win over the people when there’s so much economic hardship while you enrich yourself at the expense of the masses. 60% Nigerians.

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