Mr Eazi – Fefe Ne Fefe

Oct 10, 2023 | Entertainment | 0 comments

The newest track from Afropop superstar Mr Eazi’s debut album, The Evil Genius, will be available on October 27th and is called “Fefe Ne Fefe.”

Mr. Eazi collaborated with producer Kel-P to record a number of songs in Kokrobite, Ghana, including “Fefe Ne Fefe.”

The upbeat track transports listeners to a nostalgic vision of West Africa with its cool highlife rhythm and smooth sax lead.

The fourth of five love songs on the album, “Fefe Ne Fefe,” is included. The phrase “beauty is beautiful”—the title’s literal translation—is an Akan proverb.

The locations where the music for the album The Evil Genius was recorded included Benin, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, London, Los Angeles, and New York City.

It includes some of Mr. Eazi’s most intimate work and explores three distinct acts of love, betrayal, loneliness, and family.

Selected Lyrics

Jolie, ma
Shey, you have a cool head (temper)
Watch how your body tenses up.
I am Fefenefefe.
Oh, Ma jorlie, eh?
Shey, you have a cool head.
Watch how your body tenses up.
I am Fefenefefe.

Ye Baby, I’m going to switch to a sweet character and give you a banana.
Then you find out for yourself, which will make you feel much better.
As I arrive and don’t have a big mansion, I beg your father.
Aye, aye
Aye, aye

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