MOVIE REVIEW: Checklist: A visually stunning film with an unbelievable plot that ruins it

Apr 23, 2024 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Bimbo Ademoye, Ebisan Arayi, Ayoola Ayolola, Saidat Balogun, Stephen Damian, Mawuli Gavor, Evelyn John, Jimmy Odukoya, Linda Osifo, and Beverly Osu star in ‘Checklist’, a 2024 Nigerian romantic drama film. The movie offers a romantic journey of self-reflection on what one truly desires in a partner.

‘Checklist’ follows Efe and her close friends, Isoken and Idara, as they embark on a relatable journey of love. They grapple with their expectations and societal pressures as they search for true love. The movie’s central plot is fueled by women’s biological concerns, social pressure, and the longing for a committed relationship.

A comedy-drama, ‘Checklist’ focuses on love, friendship, betrayal, and desperation. The movie presents stunning visuals and aesthetics, but the storyline has room for improvement, appearing unrealistic and predictable. For instance, the character’s ability to find love within a week’s vacation seems far-fetched, and the sudden revelations about the men’s orchestrated efforts to match the checklist criteria feel contrived.

The film opens with Efe and Isoken playing snooker as they discuss why they don’t get lucky in relationships and why the men keep breaking up with them. Frustrated and devastated, the girls devise a checklist to help them get it right.

Efe wants a funny, happy-going man with a muscular physique and a bed-breaker. Isoken desires a physically appealing man, while Idara prefers a good cook with refined tastes and a linguistic specialist.

As the week unfolds, revelations surface, unveiling Jackson’s marital status and the men’s orchestrated efforts to match the checklist criteria. These ‘revelations’ are pivotal moments in the movie, challenging the characters’ expectations and forcing them to confront their desires and redefine what truly matters in matters of the heart.

The movie, despite its limitations, successfully explores the complexities of modern love and the power of friendship to overcome even the toughest challenges. Though it may not have fully met expectations as a romantic film, the carefully selected actors delivered commendable performances, adding depth to the characters and making them relatable despite the unrealistic storyline.

Verdict: It’s a 6/10 for its attention to aesthetics and ability to manage resources to achieve something.

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