LP requests that members reject the N130 million vehicles for lawmakers

Oct 19, 2023 | Sports | 0 comments

The Labour Party (LP) National Chairman, Julius Abure, has urged House of Representatives members to reject the N130 million car gift from the National Assembly.

Lawmakers were criticised for collecting N130 million SUVs.

On Sunday, the House admitted that all 360 lawmakers received brand-new Prado SUVs worth N57.6 billion but claimed they were National Assembly property.

Abure stated that LP was shocked, saddened, and disappointed by the executive and legislative branches of the President Bola Tinubu-led All Progressives Congress administration’s insensitivity.

He lamented that the administration had increased its appetite for opulence to mock hardworking but impoverished Nigerians as poverty deepened.

He asked: “How else can any government justify the bloated Federal Executive Council of 48 cabinet ministers, each given three luxurious four-wheel drive vehicles on their first day in office, paid for and fueled by taxpayers?” This despite hundreds of government-funded presidential and ministerial aides and aides to the aides.

“These vehicles will cost Nigerians N57.6 billion when the government says it cannot afford to raise the minimum wage to N30,000.

“How insensitive can a government be when a bag of 50 kg rice costs N50,000, and most families can’t afford two square meals daily? What a shame this government is still travelling the world seeking loans!

“Inflation is expected to reach 30% by December 2023, but they only care about the comfort of a privileged few in public office.

Why spend so much on importing and buying foreign vehicles when foreign exchange is scarce for manufacturing? Why not help local manufacturers like Innoson Motor in Anambra and Peugeot Automobiles in Kaduna save money and boost the economy?

We in the Labour Party want to move the economy from consumption to production, starting with Nigeria, as our presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, said.

Abure urged the government to prioritise economic reform over luxury living for the nation’s benefit.

We urge Labour Party legislators in the 10th Assembly to oppose resource waste, aligning with their ideology of social justice and equal opportunity. Nigerians will hold them accountable if they don’t act ethically or account for their electoral investment. Nigerians are fed up with the status quo and want a new leader representing the suffering masses. People experiencing poverty must breathe again in this country, he said.

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