Look for made-in-Nigeria substitutes for the international products and services you frequently utilise. Nigerians are advised by Reno Omokri on how to get the dollar to drop below ₦1000 to $1

Apr 17, 2024 | Politics | 0 comments

Renowned sociopolitical analyst Reno Omokri has presented 26 strategic measures for Nigerians to reduce the dollar’s value to below N1000.

In a comprehensive list shared on various platforms, Omokri urged Nigerians to prioritise locally-produced alternatives over imported goods. Emphasising the potential impact of consumer choices, he advocated for the adoption of Nigerian-made products in everyday consumption habits.

Omokri emphasised that by patronising domestically manufactured goods, individuals could contribute significantly to stabilising the Naira and decreasing reliance on foreign currencies. He highlighted various Nigerian products across different categories, offering alternatives to commonly imported items.

Some of the recommendations included choosing Akamu for breakfast instead of imported custard, opting for beans over foreign rice for lunch, and selecting Dangote spaghetti over Italian pasta. Additionally, Omokri suggested supporting Nigerian brands such as Nasco for cornflakes, Fan for yoghurt, and Nord for vehicles, among others.

Encouraging citizens to embrace locally sourced options, Omokri underscored the pivotal role of consumer behaviour in shaping economic outcomes. He called upon Nigerians to join him in promoting indigenous industries by consciously opting for made-in-Nigeria products and proudly showcasing Nigerian craftsmanship and innovation.

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