Lawmakers cruise in new SUVs while citizens struggle

Oct 30, 2023 | Sports | 0 comments

Despite public outcry, lawmakers are receiving their new SUVs.

The House of Representatives spokeswoman, Akin Rotimi, said some members had received the vehicles, prioritising women, disabled people, and the elderly.

SUV purchases have outraged Nigerians, who question the government’s spending priorities amid a high cost of living, crumbling infrastructure, and widespread poverty. Human rights groups denounced the move as “insensitive” and “provocative.”

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The Senate defended the purchase, claiming lawmakers need the automobiles to do their jobs. Many Nigerians disagree, saying the government could have spent the money on more critical needs.

The controversial purchase of SUVs for Nigerian MPs shows the government’s significant conflicts with its population. The government’s spending on luxury cars, when many Nigerians struggle to satisfy their fundamental requirements, has been criticised as insensitive and out of touch.

In the long term, buying SUVs could damage the government’s legitimacy. If the government is viewed as out of touch with residents’ needs, it may be harder to enact policies and programmes.

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