Law Practitioners’ Vital Role in Nigeria’s Socio-Political Economy: Auta Nyada Honors Unity Bar on 2023 Law Week

Jul 15, 2023 | Politics | 0 comments

Respected Colleagues, I sincerely thank you for your tireless efforts to shape Nigeria’s socio-political economy. Attorneys drive fundamental changes that promote justice, equity, and growth at every level.

The legal profession, frequently lauded as society’s foundation, must uphold the rule of law and ensure socio-political stability. I appreciate lawyers’ tireless work safeguarding justice, fairness, and human rights.

Nigeria, rich in riches and potential, needs socio-political transformation more than ever. Legal professionals working together can lead our country to a more successful, inclusive, and fair future.

As lawyers, we can support justice and change in many ways.

Our contributions are amazing, from the Courts, where we speak for the underprivileged and unheard, to transaction tables and the formulation of progressive legislation that meets society’s changing requirements.

Our diligent efforts to combat corruption, gender inequality, property rights, commercial law, and human rights strengthen our legal system and enable sustainable socio-economic progress, shaping our country and inspiring others to do the same.

On this point, I extend my warmest appreciation and congratulations to the Unity Bar Leadership and the Law Week Planning Committee, brilliantly chaired by MOSES EBUTE SAN, for choosing the appropriate topic and organizing this year’s law week in a magnificent manner.

Again, congrats!
Auta Nyada, Esq.

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