Lagos: Sowunmi, an LP lawmaker, responds to the tribunal’s acquiescence

Aug 28, 2023 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

The Lagos-based National Assembly Elections Petition Tribunal dismissed Labour Party (LP) legislator Seyi Sowunmi from the Ojo Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives. But he has pledged to continue serving his people.

A three-person panel convened by Judge Abdullahi Ozegya ruled that Sowunmi was unfit to run for office in the appeal brought by APC candidate Olanrewaju Ogunyemi.

The panel declared Ogunyemi, a two-term senator and former APC state secretary, the rightful winner of the February 25, 2023 election.

The federal senator acknowledged that the tribunal’s verdict was demoralising but told his followers that he would respect his mission.

He stated Friday that he understands his supporters’ worry about his election’s annulment but would utilise all legal means to resolve the problem.

“Dear respected Ojo Federal Constituency inhabitants, I want to discuss the latest developments in our electoral tribunal lawsuit against the APC.

As you know, we confronted a difficult scenario that was not expected.

I know the worry this may have caused those who believe in our cause.

“In times like these, we must be unified and resilient.

We made this voyage because we believed in a better future for Children and shared ideals. Notwithstanding the tribunal’s judgement, he vowed to follow the task given to him in a statement on Friday.

“This setback will not stop my resolve to serve every constituency citizen and improve Ojo. We will confront the problem and communicate our thoughts via all legal channels.

“Your support and trust in our cause have driven my campaign, and I appreciate your devotion. We must be cool and focused in this scenario. We’ve gone far, yet our road continues.

“Remain involved, optimistic, and advocate the ideals that have taken us this far. We shall conquer this hurdle and become stronger.

“Thank you again for your support. Keep our heads up and strive for a better future for Ojo, said Sowunmi.

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