Is Africa’s soil healthy enough for food security? [Business Africa]

Apr 25, 2024 | Health | 0 comments

In the pursuit of agricultural prosperity in Africa, a significant challenge has emerged: the imperative to enhance soil health while mitigating the adverse effects of pesticides. Recent developments in Kenya, including the proliferation of counterfeit fertilizers, highlight the critical need to address these issues.

Dr. Debissi Araba, a distinguished Research Fellow at Imperial College London renowned for his innovative approach to Food Ecosystem Transformation, provides insights from Kenya on potential solutions and strategies to tackle these pressing agricultural challenges.

Potential Economic Downturn in Sudan

Sudan’s prolonged military conflict has inflicted severe damage on its economy, resulting in a 40% decline in GDP in 2023 and the paralysis of key sectors. As the conflict persists, experts express concerns about further exacerbating economic hardships in the nation.

Nigeria: Surge in E-Payment Adoption

Despite infrastructure challenges, Nigeria has witnessed a remarkable 66% increase in e-payment transactions, as reported by the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System in 2023. This surge underscores Nigeria’s accelerating transition towards e-payment channels and its growing significance in the country’s financial landscape.

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