Investigative Journalist David Hundeyin is detained by Zimbabwean authorities 

Jul 20, 2023 | Entertainment | 0 comments

On Wednesday, Zimbabwean authorities seized famous investigative journalist David Hundeyin at the nation’s international airport.

In a series of posts on his verified Twitter account, Hundeyin announced this.

“I arrived in Zimbabwe earlier today, and I have been held at Harare Airport inside a stinky closed room for about 7 hours,” he said, describing what happened.

“They said that even though I was travelling with a passport from a nation with whom they have a visa-free agreement, I still needed a visa since I am a citizen of Nigeria.

“I was imprisoned in a little room while being processed for expulsion from their nation, but I haven’t heard from anybody in a while.

Together with a woman from Uganda, another nation without visa requirements, I was imprisoned in a room without windows or a toilet, as well as a bottle of urine on the floor.

“Despite the fact that my trip back to Addis has been rescheduled for tonight, nobody seems to be in control of anything, and I am still trapped in this hotel, I run the danger of missing my flight.

They seem to have forgotten that individuals are being held here in captivity.

“I am prepared to board my ticket and leave Zimbabwe for good, vowing never to return.

“Please let me go so I may continue on my merry way; someone must genuinely control things. I have lost interest in travelling to Zimbabwe.

“I want to return home. Please.”

Hundeyin said that the Zimbabwean authorities had permitted him to use the toilet.

They also told him that he would be able to utilise his departing flight, he said.

“I was given permission to use the lavatory for the first time in ten hours, and I was assured that I could board my departure aircraft.

He tweeted, “I will keep posting till I board and have my passport back.”

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