In order to support inclusive transitions in Africa, the AU and UNDP together launch the Africa Facility

Jul 18, 2023 | Politics | 0 comments

On July 15, 2023, during the 5th African Union Mid-Year Coordination Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, the AUC and UNDP established the Africa Fund to Promote Inclusive Transitions (AFSIT). AFSIT supports risky and difficult political transitions.

In May 2023, African Union (A.U.) Heads of State and Government maintained a zero-tolerance policy against unlawful changes of government (UCG). They urged a collaborative effort to build a viable system for enhancing democracy and collective security on the continent. In response to this appeal, the A.U. Commission and UNDP launched the AFSIT, an innovative project to provide comprehensive programming assistance to African nations undertaking difficult political transitions.

H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo, Former President of Nigeria; Dr. Korir Sing’Oei, Principal Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, Kenya, representing His Excellency William Ruto, President of the Republic of Kenya; and Mr. Dhoihir Dhoulkamal, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in charge of Diaspora and Francophony, Comoros, representing His Excellency A.

Ambassador Bankole Adeoye, AU Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace, and Security, welcomed the delegation, saying, “AFSIT is a realistic tool that strengthens democratic governance actors. It is a Facility to capacitate individuals who will serve as watchdogs for democracy”.

Ahunna Eziakonwa, UN Assistant Secretary-General, UNDP Assistant Administrator, and Africa Regional Bureau Director, stated, “The Facility recommends refocusing on development, particularly good governance, human rights, and access to education and healthcare, to avoid coups and maintain peace. Coup-prone areas like the Sahel need this.”

AFSIT helps establish credible, inclusive, lawful transition roadmaps, methods, and institutions to restore constitutional rule, democracy, and stability in relevant nations. AFSIT supports inclusive transitions by complementing A.U., RECs/R.M.s, UN, and development partner instruments. The Fund will foresee, react to, and resolve complex political crises in the A.U. Member States.

AFSIT will be phased in, starting with AU-defined UCG. This includes military coups and democratic process manipulation. Early warning indications and data from the A.U., RECs/R.M.s, and U.N. will help AFSIT assist “at risk nations” on the brink of a political catastrophe.

The inaugural ceremony included A.U. Member States, Peace and Security Council members, UN, A.U., RECs/R.M.s, and bilateral and international players.

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