In Anambra, the Ochanja Traders and Fegge Landlords Association demonstrate against desperate politicians

Mar 29, 2024 | Politics | 0 comments

This morning, people from Fegge, a community near Ochanja market, and market vendors from Ochanja market brought life to the new Ochanja roundabout, which Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, CFR, built.

They are protesting against the actions of desperate politicians who are doing everything in their power to undermine the excellent job that Governor Soludo is doing in Ochanja, Onitsha, and Anambra State as a whole, according to their spokesman, Chief Okwudili Obinwanne.

He claimed that from their perspective, the road has no issues. The first significant rainstorm in Anambra occurred when the contractor applied the first layer of asphalt on the road. The ensuing flood caused the hot asphalt that had not yet cooled to settle on the previously compacted stone base and cement stabilisation components to come loose. Furthermore, they state that, to the best of their knowledge, nothing occurred to justify the accusations and defamation campaign launched against Soludo and his administration.

Chief Obinwanne said that for more than forty years, administrations have come and gone—including the current opposition government—without considering rebuilding the Ochanja Road or taking any significant remedial action. The road was a single, cracked and dusty section that the prior governors had never considered. However, during Soludo’s two years in office, their tale took a turn for the better that they could not have predicted. Furthermore, street lighting corresponds to the Julius Berger standard for road quality.

According to the Chairman, the populace will not tolerate any politician who dared gamble with their well-being.

Before Governor Soludo took office, according to Fegge resident Mrs. Imelda Akunobi, the last governor noticed the road was in 1999. As a retired educator, she remembered the agony of having to travel that path. They would bring extra shoes and clothes so they could change before heading to school.

According to Mrs. Eucharia Chukwuma (also known as nwanyi Achalla), a well-known orange vendor in the market, the solution is a game changer. She claimed that although floodwaters once carried children during rainy seasons, those days are now history.

As they walked along the still-under-construction Ochanja road, the enthusiastic market ladies shouted songs of gratitude for Governor Soludo.

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