“I regret humiliating a church member during my testimony,” Dunamis Pastor Enenche said in response to the incident on Sunday.

Apr 17, 2024 | International | 0 comments

In response to the widespread criticism stemming from a recent incident during a church service, Dr. Paul Enenche, the General Overseer of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, issued an apology to Ms. Veronica Anyim for the treatment she received.

The incident, which occurred during Sunday’s service, sparked controversy after a video surfaced showing Dr. Enenche questioning the authenticity of Ms. Anyim’s claim to hold a Law degree. Recognising the unintended consequences of his actions, Dr. Enenche expressed regret for any inconvenience or embarrassment caused to Ms. Anyim.

In a press statement released on Monday by Sylvester Edoh, Personal Assistant Secretary to Dr. Enenche, it was emphasized that the intention was never to embarrass Ms. Anyim publicly but rather to uphold the church’s commitment to excellence and truthfulness.

Dr. Enenche clarified that his actions were prompted by concerns regarding discrepancies in Ms. Anyim’s testimony, particularly regarding the nature of her degree and the duration of her studies. He explained that the manner in which Ms. Anyim presented her educational background raised questions about the validity of her claims.

While reaffirming the church’s dedication to maintaining high standards, Dr. Enenche reiterated that no harm was intended towards Ms. Anyim. He emphasised that the focus was on upholding integrity and accuracy in testimonies shared within the church community.

Moving forward, Dr. Enenche and Dunamis International Gospel Centre remain committed to fostering an environment of honesty, respect, and support for all congregation members. The apology serves as a demonstration of their commitment to addressing concerns and ensuring that incidents like this are handled with sensitivity and care.

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