How to apply in Nigeria for an ISBN in 2024

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To publish a book officially in Nigeria, you need an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), a unique 13-digit code that identifies your book globally. Here’s how to apply for an ISBN in Nigeria in 2024:

The Nigerian ISBN Agency

The National Library of Nigeria (NLN) is the country’s ISBN agency, issuing ISBNs to publications originating in Nigeria. Thus, you can handle the entire ISBN application process locally.

Eligibility for Applying for ISBN 2024

Most types of publications qualify for an ISBN, including self-published works, with some exceptions like brochures or pamphlets. You can find a detailed list of eligible publications on the NLN website.

Pricing for Applying for ISBN 2024 (as of April 2024):

1 ISBN: ₦5,000

2 ISBNs: ₦7,000

3 ISBNs: ₦10,000

4 ISBNs: ₦10,000

5 ISBNs: ₦10,000

10 ISBNs: ₦10,000

Note: Due to NLN’s system, you can only apply for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 ISBNs at once. Additionally, you can only request up to 10 ISBNs in a single application.

Steps to apply for ISBN in Nigeria 2024

Online Application:

Visit the NLN website and create an account.

Fill out the online form with details such as your book’s title, author information, and format.

Upload necessary documents like a completed application form and book cover.

Make payment online. However, be aware that there’s a limit to the number of ISBNs you can request online.

Offline Application:

Visit the nearest NLN agency in person.

Submit the required documents and make payment.

Required Documents for Applying for ISBN 2024:

Book Copies: Preliminary pages of your book or published titles.

CAC Documents: Corporate Affairs Commission certificate for publishing outfits.

Proof of Payment: Remita receipt for ISBN application fee.

Letter of Application: Addressed to NLN, stating book titles and authors.

Completed Application Form: Provided at the NLN office.

Remita Payment Steps for ISBN 2024 Application:

Visit the Remita website.

Enter “NATIONAL LIBRARY NIGERIA – 051700800100” in the “Who do you want to pay?” section.

Select “ISBN & ISSN Administrative Fees” for “Name of Service/Purpose.”

Enter payment details and the corresponding fee.

Choose “Naira” as the currency and complete the payment process.

By following these steps, you can efficiently and effectively navigate the process of obtaining an ISBN for your book in Nigeria.

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