How Jigawa will use its N44.7 billion additional budget

Aug 31, 2023 | Politics | 0 comments

On Tuesday, the Jigawa State House of Assembly cleared Governor Umar Namadi’s N44.7 billion 2023 supplemental budget bill.

The governor signed the supplemental budget on Wednesday, praising legislators for its quick approval.

Babangida Umar, the state’s Commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning, said the administration presented the N44.7 billion 2023 supplemental budget to fund vital infrastructure and social services on August 6.

The source said this is the state’s second extra budget in five months after more than N13 billion was authorized in March to restore drains, roads, bridges, and other important services.

Mr. Umar said the Ministry of Works and Transport would get N13 billion and the Ministries of Health and Education N6 billion.

State residents will get additional developmental benefits with the remaining N25.7 billion.

The source also stated that the elimination of gasoline subsidies increased income, necessitating the additional budget.

The state executive council approved a N13 billion extra budget in March. It was essential after reviewing the mid-year budget, recurring, and capital spending. We saw that the state’s treasury accumulated a lot of income, and some will accrue before spending them.

“The previous budget was predicated on the N420 exchange rate; today, the exchange rate is N750; the fuel subsidy must be reviewed and removed for the state and federation to get more money from the federation account.

“The state should assess its remaining budget. The state wants a supplemental budget since its consolidated revenue fund has increased.

The state executive council has approved the second supplemental budget for the year, which totals N44.7 billion. The legislature will evaluate it. More money and employment will circulate in the following four months of 2023.

The state House of Assembly has authorized N185 billion for 2023. The state’s 2023 appropriation legislation was N242.775 billion after two extra budgets were authorized in March and August.

The House Committee on Appropriation, led by Ibrahim Adamu, said that the second appropriation budget addresses difficulties in Agriculture, Works Projects, Water supply, Education, and Health for socio-economic development in accordance with the state government’s 12-point programme.

The legislators authorized N5,200,000,000 for renovating rural (feeder) roads. Still, they lowered it by N350,000,000 to support constituency projects for flood and erosion management with N93,000,000, markets/parks by N10,000,000, and traffic/street lights by N87,000,000 in the supplemental budget.

The legislators also authorized N160,000,000 for rural electrification projects to finance lamps in undisclosed localities under 2023 constituency projects.

The legislature also gave the Ministry of Water Resources N25,000,000 to maintain utility vehicles. For the restoration of the urban water supply system, N100,000,000 is permitted for submersible pumps at the Shuwarin community, vertical filter boosters, generator set overhauls, and 40KVA to 350KVA generator sets.

For Monitoring and Assessment, N70,000,000 was allocated for one new Toyota Hilux and two fair-used Toyota Corolla LE 2013.

Judicial vehicle procurement
The legislature granted N225,800,000 for 5 Toyota Camry (2022 model-XLE 2.5L) for 4 High Court Judges and one registrar. Office equipment for the reestablished Ministry of Special Duties was authorized at N3,800,000.

The legislators granted N1,240,000 for a TV, N150,000 for tea flasks, N90,000 for tea cups, N225,000 for food flasks, N60,000 for plates and spoons, N240,000 for file jackets, N60,000 for extension cables, and N450,000 for office stationery at the special duties ministry.

The legislators also authorized N200,000,000 to renovate storm-damaged school infrastructure at GGASS Kaugama, GDSS Birniwa, SAIS Hadejia, GDASS Majia, GDTO Dantanoma, GDASS Auyo (erection of Block), and GDASS Kaugama.

GGASS Danzomo, Birniwa, Kirikasamma, Jikas, Taura, Shagari, Jahun, and Bulangu are others.

Furniture and double-decker beds for senior secondary schools were also authorized for N475,000,000.

Environmental, flood, and erosion control
The legislature granted N400,000,000 for flood and erosion prevention. The money will be used for stormwater pumping, river embarkment, and flood and erosion management in Kafin-Hausa, Chai-Chai, Adaha, Karnaya, and Kazaure.

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