How Can An Older Statesman Make Such a Comment, asked the tribunal, Gololo Carpets Bode George

Sep 6, 2023 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

Dr. Garus Gololo, an APC leader, has criticized Bode George’s claim that a competent court should decide Nigeria’s general election.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader asked Naija News why the court decided on election winners rather than ordering INEC to re-conduct the polls to help find true winners.

George completely opposed INEC selecting the Nigerian election winner via legal proceedings.

Gololo responded to the elder statesman by saying That George’s statements were disloyal and against electoral rules, which allow political parties who question the election’s result to seek redress in a court of competent jurisdiction.

He remarked, “Chief Bode George is a politician and former military officer I admire, but I disagree with him this time. Some of us have rejected INEC’s model of democracy.

But, it is disgusting that Nigerian politicians perceive everything right while their parties are in power but everything wrong when they are in opposition. I was underwhelmed with his media briefing from an older statesman. Elders should educate the young to avert national disasters. Bode George should be allowed to speak things to unify the nation, and we all know that going to court is part of election rules, so we should seek it to avoid disruption and risk.

Although asking all parties not to follow the older statesman, Gololo urges them to obey the court’s judgement because the highest court makes the ultimate decision.

He said, “And I expect the politician not first to anticipate the tribunal ruling but wait for the conclusion today before the condemnation.”

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